About us

Founded in 2015, Bigfish Outfitters is the result of a young angler’s dream to share his passion for fishing with others through a clothing company. We offer top-quality gear with original designs that capture just a little of the magic and wonder we experience while out on the deep blue sea.

Our products are manufactured for quality and comfort, and they’re tested by fishermen and women all over the world who agree, it’s all about looking and feeling great while in pursuit of the BIG FISH!

Our oceans and waterways are the birthplace for most of the life on our planet.  For those that experience the beauty and wonder of these places, our oceans and waterways are also a nursery where a lifetime of human relationships and memories grows.  Bigfish Outfitters understands that the fate of our oceans and waterways is most secure with those who have the opportunity to experience and love them. To allow more young people to experience these places, we donate a portion of every shirt sale to an organization whose mission is to promote the exposure of youth to fishing and the safe enjoyment of our natural resources.  Thank you!